Marketing & Social Media with Matt Hasenmueller from The Millenium

Being in a band is no easy task. Sure, you might be able to achieve some fame through your music, which is cool, but the work doesn’t stop when you step off the stage at the end of the night. Independent and unsigned artists can especially feel the extra work kicking in, as everything they do takes place in what is essentially a do-it-yourself atmosphere.

I sat down to talk with Matt Hasenmueller, singer of up-and-coming pop band, The Millenium, one night to go over everything he does to market his band. When I talked to Hasenmueller a few weeks ago, at this point, he and his band were on the verge of releasing their debut full-length album, “But Do We Ever Ask Ourselves?”

Hasenmueller said, “No band is just a band anymore. We have to work with various types of multimedia just to keep the attention of listeners.” When Hasenmueller told me this, he was alluding to a video project that The Millenium was releasing in the days up to the album’s release on March 10, 2017.

Every day, starting 11 days prior to the album’s release around 3p.m., the band would release a video clip that teased new songs. These videos lasted from one minutes to two minutes, and many included scenery of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hasenmueller also let me know the importance of social media upkeep. You can find the band and all of the members on Twitter, primarily, but also on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Hasenmueller clued me in on how important Snapchat is for marketing, especially to younger audiences that tend to use the app more frequently.

The Millenium at this point is currently unsigned, and seeking a record label, but none of the companies they have reached out to are willing to take a chance on them. That being said, The Millenium’s social media presence can be deemed pretty successful, as they are sitting with 32,800 followers on Twitter, and are “liked” by 13,467 people on Facebook.

While these numbers aren’t too large compared to many of today’s pop-stars, they are growing more and more every single day. The audience for The Millenium’s music may be small in the meantime, but the fans are a loyal crowd.

When the album, “But Do We Ever Ask Ourselves?” dropped a few weeks ago, the band was curious as to how it would sell for not being very widely known, and for not being signed. To their surprise, the album landed at #29 on the iTunes Alternative charts. They were definitely in good company, surrounded by big names such as The 1975, The Lumineers, and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

All of the hard work that was put into this album, from the writing and recording it, up to marketing it in it’s final days before release has been a wild, three-year journey for Hasenmueller, and when it was finally released into the world, he was “completely overwhelmed,” but in the best way possible.

“The record has felt like a kidney stone for a few weeks,” Hasenmueller said to me the day the album dropped, saying that he was just happy it’s finally out. The Millenium’s loyal following has definitely helped the band market the album on Twitter by constantly tweeting links to purchase it, as well as their favorite lyrics from the songs.

The reception has been great, and now for the time being, the band is booking shows for this upcoming summer so fans around the nation can hear these new tunes live. Be on the look out for upcoming tour announcements!

Purchase “But Do We Ever Ask Ourselves?

Follow The Millenium:

Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Snapchat: themilleniumwi




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